Bieber’s Paternity Song

Teen Star Justin Bieber resorts to Paternity Testing. In June 2012, Justin Bieber’s new album, titled Believe, was released, and this new album has a strange relationship to paternity testing. Some of the fans noticed some interesting lyrics that might relate to Bieber’s current situation and past allegations that had been filed against him claiming that he had fathered a child. The song, “Maria,” is similar to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” in that the entire song is about refuting the claim that a child is his. In fact, Bieber has even stated that he thinks of “Maria” as his personal “Billie Jean” song.

After Mariah Yeater, then 20, claimed that her 3-month old baby was fathered by Justin Bieber, the teen star decided to go through with some private paternity testing. Although Bieber reportedly already took the test, we might not know the results of the paternity test for a long time. Paternity testing is generally a relatively quick process, but Yeater has pulled back from her lawsuit and is not giving any more information.

Paternity Testing Troubles for Yeater

This paternity test would prove whether Yeater’s baby, Trystan, was fathered by Bieber. It would also prove, however, that Yeater, who was 19 at the time, had had sex with a then  16-year-old Bieber backstage after one of his concerts. California legislature considers it unlawful for anyone to have sex with a minor, which is anyone under the age of 18. It also says, though, that if the person is less than three years older than the minor, then the unlawful activity is only charged as a misdemeanor. This misdemeanor still carries a potential one-year jail sentence, but it is significantly less jail time than if charged as a felony.

Yeater has also given his word under oath in the courts that she had sex with Bieber and that she believes the baby was fathered by him. If a paternity test proves this to be false, Yeater could also be in hot water from not telling the truth while under oath. Lying under oath is called perjury. Perjury is never considered a misdemeanor, so it always carries a higher fine or potential jail time than what Yeater might expect. No matter how to paternity test would turn out, it seems that Yeater would be in legal trouble. While no one knows for certain why she decided to pull back from her paternity lawsuit, it could be that she realized what the potential effects could be. Beyond that, it’s likely that Yeater’s lawyers did not expect Bieber to be so compliant. Bieber, although adamant that he was not the father, received genetic testing more quickly than what the opposition might have assumed that he would. All that the genetic testing facility needed to continue was a sample from the pop star’s alleged baby.

Bieber Genetic Testing Update

However, a nearly a year later, the paternity testing company still did not receive the baby’s DNA sample. Mariah Yeater had decided to step away entirely from the case, and she has since been difficult to track done. It’s assumed that her lawyers had advised her to drop the case completely because she knew that she had made up the story.

The allegations had happened in November 2011, but it has since been difficult to find much information about what has happened with the young star and his purported lover. Yeater’s ex-boyfriend, Robert Powell, then 23, was one of the few sources of information about what might have happened. In December 2011, he claimed that he was certain that Yeater lied in order to get money from suing. He said that she had made up the story and sold it to a tabloid for $50,000. When the story took off, she thought that she could make more money by sticking to her story and starting a lawsuit. Powell said that he still loved Yeater and knew that she had lied about her experiences with Bieber. He also said that he pitied the star for having to go through these allegations and have his image tarnished.

Months later, in June 2012 when Bieber released Believe, fans get another taste of the crazy lawsuit. Although charges have been dropped by Yeater’s lawyers, Bieber’s lawyers are now countersuing for defamation. Yes, Bieber is concerned about the lawsuits, but he has his own way of dealing with things. He said that he wrote the song because it was something that he wanted to get off of his chest.

The whole experience seems to have shaken Bieber and given him a more suspicious way of looking at his world. Celebrities always have others that follow them around and try to take advantage of their fame and fortune. Famous people will likely always have to deal with lawsuits like this. With paternity testing, however, they can refute allegations with strong evidence and return to their not-so-normal lives.