A Sneak Peek into Rick Ross’s Paternity Test Results

Rick Ross has been in the headlines a number of times for various reasons apart from his musical ventures. He had a number of scandals throughout his career. First, his past was exposed by a website called the smoking guns. They posted information about Rick’s past career as a correctional officer. Rick refuted and denounced the information earlier but later he admitted that he worked as in fact a correctional officer in Florida during 1990’s.

He was also arrested on drug and firearms charges in 2008. Several musicians filed lawsuits and harassment cases against him during the last decade but he successfully handled all these accusations against him and reinstated his musical career each time. Recently, he made another headline while clashing with rapper 50 cent. During the early months of 2012, Rick Ross was accused for a disputed paternity case which brought him into the limelight once again. He is far from the only celebrity to have been in a paternity dispute. Many others including Khloe Kardashian and Eddie Murphy have also made the tabloids.

The Paternity Case: Claims And Details

Tyrisha Childers, a woman from Georgia filed a lawsuit with allegations of disputed paternity against Rick earlier this year. 36 year old Tyrisha is a mother of a three year old child whom she claimed to be fathered by Rick a few years back in Florida. Rick, 35 years old, who already has two children refused the allegations and challenged her petition in court. The case was filed in Broward county Florida. Tyrisha has been living on a disability allowance (around $700 a month) with her child. She claimed Rick was the biological father and also that he did not pay any child support. Upon her petition, the court ordered for a paternity test which Rick accepted as a challenge. Once the results of the DNA test were out, Childers willingly dismissed the case and Rick Ross was set free from any obligations.

Rick Ross’s Paternity Test Results: He Didn’t Father The Child

The courts have analysed the results and declared that there is 0% chance of Rick Ross fathering the 3 year child. Rick never accepted the allegations, neither was he reluctant to undergo a complete DNA paternity test. He confirmed that he didn’t even sleep with Tyrisha and hence, that there was no chance of fathering a child anyway. Many musicians and tabloids reported that it could be a publicity stunt by the celebrity himself for giving his new album a kick start. But Rick clearly refuses all these claims and contentions. In the end he wishes to focus on taking his career to the next level.

As Rick Ross’s paternity test results are out, he is once again ready to entertain his many fans!