New “Paternity Court” to Take on DNA Testing Television Drama

If you thought you had seen it all: be prepared for the latest revolution in day-time reality court shows on TV: “Paternity Court”. The new series plans on using the honorable Judge Lauren to take DNA testing cases to a television channel near you. Airing this Month (check your local listings), the cross between Judge Judy and the Maury Povich Show is hoping to become a quick hit across the daytime television market in the US.

Paternity Court” will be nationally syndicated across the country and if the basis for current enthusiasm levels for courtroom TV dramas are any indicator, the show will likely be an overnight success.

The Courtroom where the proof is in the blood

One of the more interesting aspects to “Paternity Court” will be the shows results with real world cases, not actors. Results of a paternity test are the most accurate way of determining paternity. Visit this page for more information. In current TV courtroom drama the same system holds true: real people, real cases, real judge and of course a real legal resolution. “Paternity Court” is changing the game somewhat in that the cases in this “blood based court room” will be determined more by the court of science than that of opinion.

In a typical episode on say, Judge Judy, we all know the decision pretty much comes down to one thing: what Judge Judy says. In “Paternity Court”, while Judge Lauren is sure to hold her own with her peculiar style of street wit, the cases are going to be more scientifically based. In each case presented “before the court” the subjects will take real DNA tests from a licensed testing laboratory. While the antics of those being tested may lend some weight to decisions by the court, the real proof at the end of the day will be in what the blood tests reveal.

Sadly, there seems a need for more shows like this

While many people across the country balk at the very mention of reality TV shows such as these, the truth is that in America today, there certainly seems to be a need. The Maury show which has aired for more than 2 decades has never experienced any shortage of “Baby Daddy’s” not taking responsibility for their offspring. Or in what are potentially even more unsettling circumstances: where a new mother cannot prove who the father of her baby is.

Whatever your take on the reality television trends, they certainly will not cease production as long as they have a viable audience. Courtroom reality shows such as Judge Judy have long dominated the daytime television market, reaping not just plenty of viewers but also real dollars in advertising. Judge Judy herself has converted herself from an outspoken real life judge to a television mogul, raking in tens of millions of dollars annually from her television shows.

A Silver lining for “Paternity Court”?

While its very likely “Paternity Court” will no soon day match the goodwill efforts as shows such as Dr. Oz or “The Doctors”, there could be some good to come from all this DNA testing on television. Paternity reality television defenders argue that most of the people whom partake in these very public dramas regarding the intimate details of their relationships and offspring are of less than ample financial means. Translation: without these outlets for the option to have free DNA testing (subsidized by the show of course) many of these people would never be able to properly answer questions regarding paternity and other biological relations.

Whatever your opinion on the progression of daytime reality television is, you can always tune in yourself this September and check it out.