The Paternity of Tom Cruise Comes into Question

As if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren’t going through enough with their divorce just finalised, now the National Enquirer has ramped up pressure by alleging that Tom is not the father of their daughter Suri.

Just last week, Cruise’s lawyers sent a letter to the Enquirer threatening to sue them for a large amount of money over their other story alleging Tom abused Katie and locked his daughter Suri in a small room with no windows. Cruise’s lawyer claims in a letter that the actor stands to lose “hundreds of millions of dollars” because of the allegations.

The Enquirer seems to have ignored the warnings from Cruise and his lawyers, as they are now continuing to attack him with claims that he may not even be Suri’s father. The newest article claims that Suri will forever question whether he is her father and will end up requesting a paternity test. The publication has speculated that Chris Klein, Josh Hartnett, Joshua Jackson or strangely L. Ron Hubbard might be the actual father. Hubbard is the deceased founder of Cruise’s religion Scientology. Over the years, dozens of celebrity DNA tests have been carried out. We have recently had Rick Ross’s paternity disputed and a few years back, the remains of the great Renaissance painter Leonardo de Vinci were tested to confirm their identity. Click here to read the interesting story about how DNA testing could help to shed light on the remains of the greatest artist in Renaissance history.

The problem with these allegations and the reason that Cruise’s outrage is warranted is the fact that the Enquirer has absolutely no reliable sources to back up their claims. Most of their “sources” are various rumour blogs and pseudo-news outlets on the internet. They claim that Suri’s 2006 birth certificate has inconsistencies but there is no fact to back this up.

While the Enquirer continues to push this story, all other news outlets refuse to touch it. This proves that there is no basis for the Tom Cruise paternity case and that Cruise and his lawyers are correct in pursuing their case against the tabloid.

Tom Cruise is an easy target for news outlets because of his at-times bizarre statements and actions but for the Enquirer to question whether Suri is his biological daughter or not is somewhat perplexing. She is the perfect combination of her two parents. It’s very under-minding for such a publication to begin rumours involving a 6-year old toddler, for no good reason except to increase publication circulation percentages.

Cruise recently flew his daughter out of NYC in a helicopter supposedly to shield her from all the negative attention. He supposedly wants her life to seem as normal as possible until things blow over. It’s very easy to feel sorry for Suri as the situation continues to unfold.